A Simple Truth

May 6, 2009
By Jake Oak BRONZE, Shakopee, Minnesota
Jake Oak BRONZE, Shakopee, Minnesota
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Our world is constantly changing,
Consumed by technology.
What is now than what was then?
When we didn’t rely on technology?
When we stopped to watch the clouds, not T.V.
Watching a field of grass blow in the wind,
Watching flames licking eagerly at the wood of a bonfire,
Watching waves silently clap at the shores,
Enjoying nature without the constant interruption of a cell phone,
Breaking the silence like waves on a beach.

Yet technology seems to settle easily into our lives.
At the touch of a button, the world is simplified.
Messages are delivered instantly,
Planes fly us to foreign soil,
The sick and elderly have a chance at recovery.
Some wonder how life was possible without technology.
More and more advances are made each day.
Our world is constantly changing, for better or worse.
Many of us don’t have the time to enjoy nature,
Soon it will all be a faded memory…

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