Mom and Dad's perspective

May 6, 2009
By Anonymous

The day you’re born, tears cry out
Naïve, small, soft and helpless
You just don’t know what life’s about
Mom and Dad take your heart to bless
Their love is special to possess

A day at home; you’re only one
First steps are taken
You’re ready to run
Mom and Dad are shaken
Of your grown they’ve been awaken

The first day of school; kindergarten
Skip out the door, you’re ready to go
Look back and smile an angelic grin
Mom and Dad are sad to know,
That they have to let you grow

A day with a battle; you’re fifteen
You’ve met a boy you want to date
You think they’re just being mean
You’ll pout and scream and use the word hate,
When Mom and Dad soundly debate

The last day in school; graduation
In a cap and gown; heart beats like a drum
Tears of joy will be the reaction
When Mom and Dad see the woman you’ve become
They know you’re ready to handle whatever in life may come

A day in winter; home to visit
Successful, proud, mature and glad
Now you are truly prepared to admit
That your accomplishments are owed to Mom and Dad
And the reason for happiness that you’ve had
These words come amiably and are so sweet
Their job as parents is complete

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