Silent Whispers For Love

May 6, 2009
By Sydney Dan SILVER, ., Other
Sydney Dan SILVER, ., Other
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The tap is running,
Her arm is under.
She doesnt cry but this time its deeper.
She says they always fight and nag.
She says no one cares.
How to show her I'll always be there.

Scars and memeries remain.
She repeats the refrain,
The song blasting about the boy,
Who would never change.
How to show her shes not insane.

More and more boys break her heart.
How to show her how to retart.

She acts happy.
She smiles it the world.
But inside she's screaming,
Broken sobs untold.
How to show her, love and life has more to hold.

She knows the number to dial the lines.
She has gotten help, her addiction is hard to let go.
How to show her she is greater then she may know.

She could never move on ,
From a life so unreal.
But one day she'll be brighter then the stars,
Get higher then the foot on her ballet bars.
She'll shine like the sun ans may fall as it sets,
But she will rise again, against all bets.
She's always helped me , how to help her.
How to show her life is unknown.
How to show her shes strong on her own.

The author's comments:
written about my bestfriend going through depression. she was cutting and stuff, so yeah. please like feedback, er something. either way. enjoy?:S:P

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