How to Properly Play the Piano

May 6, 2009
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You must treat your approach to the piano as a fine woman who you are attempting to dance with.
You first have to circle her and let her know you are interested; lock eyes from across the room.
If she returns your gaze you approach boldly, yet refined.
Try not to let her notice your amazement as her dark legs gleam in the faint light.
Run your hand along the smooth ebony finish.
Feel the curves of her beauty; how her black dress clings to them and flows to the floor.
Make her cold skin warm.

Slide the bench along the wood floor without a sound.
You must remain calm even though your body tingles with excitement.
From the moment you rest on the seat you can feel her electricity.
When your finger touches the first key you feel the chills down your spine.
Close your eyes to savor the moment.
As you prepare to make the opening sound rest your foot on the pedal.

When you play the first note your entire body must act in unison.
You take a breath, lift your wrist slightly, your heel raises.
The split second is a perfect eternity.
You linger in the medium.
Your wrist drops and the note comes to life.
The piano comes to life.

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