Thank You

May 6, 2009
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You weren’t there, those nights that I cried so hard
I couldn’t sleep
You’re weren’t there, those days that I wish I would
Have died.
You weren’t there, those hours I spent praying that this
Was just a dream.
You weren’t there, yet you still think you’re a part of me
I don’t think so…

You broke every piece of me, I thought were already broken
You said this but you meant that
You looked at her, then at me
You talked to her, then to me
Thank you.

Now every time I think about you
I realize I didn’t even know you
I’ll give you credit, your cover was amazing
Every time I see your face
I see who you really are
Thank you.

The funny thing about it is
You didn’t even know
That while you were breaking me
I was coming back stronger
And ready to fight this battle
By myself.

And I’m still breathing
Breathing in more
Of what life is really about
Being myself
Showing the world who I am

I'm not some girl to please you.
I'm not some girl you can hold
I'm not some girl you will ever call yours
Cuz I'm not some girl...

I'm the girl you broke down
Into a million pieces
I'm the girl you said I love you too
A million times
I'm the girl you lost.
Thank you.
Thank you.

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