Sometimes Someone

May 6, 2009
By crazychick78 PLATINUM, Streetsboro, Ohio
crazychick78 PLATINUM, Streetsboro, Ohio
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There are no promises in this life
You make of it what you wish
At moments decisions seem for the best
And the next moment the exact opposite.

Someone’s there through this mess
If you let them come along
I let someone come along
But only for a little while
Eventually their true colors showed
And I kicked them to the curb.
Then I saw the bright and intriguing colors
Of another someone.

“Treat others as you wish to be treated”
Though I didn’t want someone there
He left before I could say
Leaving questions and reasons
To roam the space that now divides us.

Knowing what you want
And the matter of getting that
Are two different ideas
I know I didn’t want him
For someone’s colors were
More close to mine
But why when he left did I feel guilty?

Guilty for the mistakes he made
For the tears he made me bleed
How can something so full of love
End with so much hatred?

The new someone is wonderful
Perfect in every way my eyes can see
But that’s how you looked to.
Am I looking through different eyes?
Can eyes evolve through life?

The different between this someone and him
Are greatly noticeable
Not only through my eyes
But also those of loyalty and maturity
Do I let this someone walk along?
Will something so full of love
End with so much hatred all over again?

Sometimes someone is all you need in life
And at the same time
All you don’t need.
Sometimes that someone fills both positions
Sometimes only one
Or neither.

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