Truth Hurts

May 6, 2009
This newfound hatred that burns right through me,
Innocent ignorance keeps her blind from the truth,
Conquering all of my senses,
The strength to yell, Impatience to hear,
Ears sensitive to the stupidity she speaks,
Yet somehow, composure is kept.

Men consume her every memory
Depression dwells within her own emotions
Yet, she hides behind an everlasting facade
Perpetuation of happiness and delight
While her heart cries out in agony
Vying for every man's acceptance and attention
but always oblivious of their true intentions
So many tears have been wept
Infinite Heartbreak,
Yet she's afraid of commitment,
An endless process of Trial and Error,
Men entering in and out as they please
Taking a piece, and leaving her on her knees
Begging and Pleading, "Please don't leave me alone"
Self-Esteem shattered repeatedly,
However, this time, no one is at her pity party.

If ever her eyes roam upon this,
she'll come to the ultimate realization,
the Truth Hurts.

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CRA$Christopher$FTY said...
May 14, 2009 at 6:25 pm
I was venting about a friend, I was very angry at her as you can see, but we began talking again. I'm happy I wrote my emotions on paper, instead of exploding on her. So, I feel I did the right thing, some things people have to learn for themselves. We made a truce that as long as she doesn't tell me about her love problems, I won't comment on it.
Olympians said...
May 14, 2009 at 12:33 pm
wow. um the truth does hurt but for a guy to writ someting that mean about getting your heartroken thats cold. i have had my heart broken many many many times, and thats not the right thing to do. It isn't a pity party when someone gets torn into pieces it's your true feelings. so i really don't agree with this poem
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