Love's Transition

May 6, 2009
We spoke to each other on the telephone,
Countless conversations flowed in and out of the soul,
A connection was made,
Now we won't ever have to be alone.
A mountain you and I will climb, Obstacles will come across our way,
If this love can transend those bad times, your bed can forever be our hideaway.

Late night whispers sliced through the air,
Empty promises in my ear,
Waking up alone in fear of your intentions becoming clear.
Love no longer apparent, words were lost between our lips,
Dishonesty created the most damage,
Along with the suspicious feel of your fingertips.
Touch never felt the same, eyes forgot to shine bright
Heart beating only pain while your footsteps vanished in the night.

Smiles transformed to blank expressions,
Depression warped our love to hate.
With my heart on my sleeve, you pushed me away,
Leaving me vulnerable and out of place.
It hurts that you ignored me,
Avoided me as if I was just a freebie.
Desperately tried to get your attention,
Now treated as another one of your aforementions.
Fate lead us to suffer, hope hanging by a thread,
Love couldn't save us as our personalities clashed instead.
Our love was blinded by countless struggles,
No hope of being repaired,
So in the end, I left your body rotting under a pile of rubble,
With not one ounce of regret or despair.

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