Life With Out me

May 6, 2009
Life With Out me

How can I go on with these up and downs in life?
Which way do I turn left or right?
Lost in path with different directions, but my path leads to a dead end.
I feel life slipping through my fingertips.
I try so hard to hold on.
I think to myself…is life worth living anymore?
I think of course, because with out life you have nothing.
But I think to myself again, is life worth living…….?
I battle with myself over and over trying to convince myself that it is.
All of a sudden that dead end appears.
My friends tell me they don’t know what they would do with out me.
So I think to myself the same thing you’ve always done with out me.
Live, breath, and inhale.
Who I am?
Am I that important you feel you can’t live life with out me?
Well I’ve been living life with out me and I’m still here.

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