May 6, 2009

These words will never sleep.
They are active running through my mind
Like a dictionary out of control
They swirl through the air
Testing frigid waters of unknown fantasies
Flying by and flying high.

With the unfurling of fantasies
That never leave the recesses of my mind
They capture my last breath of air
As I chase away the sheep of sleep
Running paces as the night hits high
Dancing out of my control

Sweet relief from weights on my mind
Lifts my soul on high
And through the picturesque fantasies
I smell of austere air
I wish these words were in my control
As I lose my wits in sleep.

In fanatical worlds of unwritten fantasies
Redundancies are out of my control
And in the liberation of my mind
These words are one with the sheer air
As the dreams of dreamers go to sleep
And send the expectancies high.

I crave a better peace of mind
That will float my boat on air
And send me up higher than high
In worlds where wake exists through sleep
And sends me back into control
Like my unwritten fantasies.

Time to wake from this sleep, I say awake.
On high I stand awaiting my mind to find
Fantasies of untold riches spinning out of control in the air.

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