The Darkness

May 6, 2009
By AshyRawr BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
AshyRawr BRONZE, Round Rock, Texas
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I look around
This dark old place
The floorboards creak
And the lights flicker
Its getting colder and colder
As I light a candle and walk up the stairs
Im walking into the unknown
Up and up the creaky stairs
I swear I hear something
A voice almost
Whispering softly in my ear
I reach the top of the stairs
And walk down the hall
The candle flickering in the breeze
Colder and colder
Darker and darker
I hear the voice again
Begging me to leave
Begging and begging
I keep walking
Trying every door
I reach the last door
And turn the knob
The door creaks
Like the floorboards beneath my feet
I walk in and sink
Into the darkness
Of my own mind

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