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May 6, 2009
By singdadrama BRONZE, Millington, Tennessee
singdadrama BRONZE, Millington, Tennessee
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I'm from my daddy and little brother
From Danny 1 and Danny 2
From a loving family
From my mom, Tammy, Too

I'm from half North
From half South
From "Use your manners!"
From "Young lady, watch your mouth!"

I'm from long talks with Mom
I'm from nice conversations with Dad
From Sundays at my grandparents
From Saturday mornings with Spongebob
And whatever cereal my brother had

I'm from "Vacuum the floor"
From "Man that vacuum stinks!"
From "Make sure you save hot water!"
From inside jokes and winks

I'm from "You look just like your daddy"
From "I see your mom in you too"
From "Get your back pack out of here"
From "Mom, I can't find my shoe!"

I'm from goodbyes and I love yous
From Millington, my home town
From writing a poem in Social Studies
From saying goodbye to you now!

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem as part of our Family Life Curriculum week at my school while in Social Studies class. We were to write about where we come from. We were given a list of questions to give us ideas on what to write and were to incorporate the answers into our work.

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on Dec. 21 2011 at 12:18 am
SwagGuy101 BRONZE, Millington, Tennessee
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I like this, im from millington too :) Read mine and tell me, what you think.


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