The Lost

May 6, 2009
By RipInAmberlost GOLD, Honesdale, Pennsylvania
RipInAmberlost GOLD, Honesdale, Pennsylvania
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Can’t you hear
The lost
Their agonizing cries
For they used to be here
If you listen…
From the ground
The deep decaying flesh
Their dryed blood
Body’s in a mess
Unmissed, Unloved
Buried in shame
Wishing they could change it all
The helpless lost

From the ground
The deep decaying flesh
Their whisphering
Their haunting
The Lost…
Their old worthless souls

Crying to be missed
Wishing to be held
Can’t you hear…
The Lost?

They still live
In depressed ghosts
Grieving themselves

They’re still there
Crying out
Into the darkness
Into the night
Screaming from underneath
The careless world
To be heard
And missed
And loved

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