Imagine love

May 6, 2009
By lamode BRONZE, North Bethesda, Maryland
lamode BRONZE, North Bethesda, Maryland
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Do you belive it?
I do.
Nobody can see it but me and you.
look deep into your mind and find a peace sign.
Look again and set yourself in a place where nobody can see you but yourself.
Find a place and imagine your there for the Magic!
look around and smell the flowers turn around and see me standing,we walk around in a Rocky place, walk around and touch the place.
Touch the rocks and smell the air!
Touch my hand and see us stand.
Our hands touch Our eyes look into each other.
We feel our breath touch each other .
We are closer to each other one bit at a time, our lips are touching, our hands are touching, our lips connect.
Our hands meet each other, our imagination beggins to fade.
We must talk to each other before we lose each other.
Our imagination is fadeing we must stay.Our hands unconnect our lips begging to go away our eyes begging to fade.
This is just our imagination.
I say goodbye until we meet again.

The author's comments:
I been writting poetry for a while now,it's something i do in my special time it helps me relax.It help me think about where i might be headded next .Sometimes i have these dark thoughts and sometimes i have really happy thoughts and then most of my time i spend my time thinking about my imagination im also a artist i paint but mostly i write poetry its something i can do by putting my imagination in. Most of poems i write about dreamming or thinking where poetry can take me. I would really like to write a book about my life and add most of my poems in there. I wrote this poem imagining my relashionship with my boyfriend sometimes i feel like im dreaming about my relashionship it's all a dream because here i find a great guy who truly care for me and he's always worried about me it's like im imagining this relashioship it's like it's all a dream. What i'am trying to say and get to these people in this website is that even though you think your realashionship is just a figure in your imagination you have this great gur with you and take his careing for granted .I hope you wiil like this poem and i also hope this will get out there.Thank you!

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