More Than That

May 6, 2009
By Dion Daley-White SILVER, North York, Other
Dion Daley-White SILVER, North York, Other
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He wishes that she was just a number to him
Like she is to the business world
A simple document or a file that can easily be downloaded or
Close the window and make it disappear
Re open it and its still there

But she is more than that

She is a figure
With arms and legs
Fingers and toes
A breast and booty
All her curves he knows

A lover
With a face
With a nose that flares in evidence of anger
Lips he has kissed
Eyes that he could never lie to
Hair he has wrapped his fingers in
When they’ve made love

More than that

When he dials her number
She picks up
He recognizes her voice
Unique only to her
When he doesn’t respond
She falls silent
He listens to her breathe

So much more than that

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