Wounds that Scar

May 5, 2009
By Alyssa_Lynn_All SILVER, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Alyssa_Lynn_All SILVER, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
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To my bottom, the rock
This bolder that I carry
I hear the clock tick tock
I'm running out of time, I bury
These feelings and avoid
Them at all cost
I'm other people's puppets their toy
Way back then when I was to depend
On myself alone
My family I defended
They didn't know what went wrong I atone
I felt I was all to blame
But what they did too was wrong
In that room where I was contained
While everyone was all getting along
I started to lose my mind
Being stuck there for months straight
I didn't even know time
Existed what a twisted fate
I believed I was a bad child
When I was that young needing to belong
My disorders either severe or mild
Through time I know that affected me
To have nothing to do
The man did that on purpose a scheme
He locked me away, food fed under the door too
Had to ask permission to leave
The pure terror
I was to meak
The doorknob and door between the chair
Left me stuck
Completely lost in thought
What kind of messed up luck
My mom fought
For her life one night
Their drinking
Later reached it's height
There was no such thing as thinking
For me what a fright
To know and see the bruises
On her throat
He just abuses
My mom didn't know the word 'don't'
But how could she?
When she was trapped as well
Meanwhile he
Took over our lives my empty shell
From way back then made
The ripple affects
Later on I cave
Into the little girl these defects
Of character I'm a slave
To my emotions I infect
Myself again, but maybe
Someday I'll recover
I'm okay with the past
Finally not so much sober
Me and the girl clash
Big me v.s. little me
This world that goes fast
Can't I see?
That I only have one life one chance
To make this alright
I need to put up a fight

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