May 5, 2009
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Why do men wear silly things?
Flying on life’s common wings
Why do men find it okay
To wear a tie, then have a say?

Why do men dream normal dreams?
Stereotypical get-rich schemes
Why do men follow the crowd?
They think unique is not allowed

Why do men slip on a tie
And never stop to question why?
Why do men not understand?
It does not make you less a man

Why do men think we are less?
Less than them with less progress
Why do men dislike our smarts?
They just want us with shopping carts

Why do men just take to get?
Get what they want and then forget
Why do men abuse and lie?
It is their souls that drop and die

Why do men not pay their dues?
Not pay their child, but pay for shoes
Why do men set history back?
They come so far, and then they crack

Why do men choose to be dumb?
Deny the love to reach for rum
Why must men decide to kill?
It is their own sadistic will

Why can’t men answer all we ask?
It is their duty, and their task
Without the answers, we will die
For it all begins with men in ties

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