May 5, 2009
Darkness flows through my veins,
Filling them with sorrow, depression, and shame.
These days, I have no clue as to who I am.
I always end up shredding and tattering every last thing that I can.

Who are these people to me?
These people who look young, hopeless, and free.
Could these be friends?
Oh how this darkness never seems to end.

These people cannot be my friends.
They tear my heart and bruise it until my day comes to an end.
They make my ruin myself and cry;
And bow down to my knees and hope that soon I will shrivel up and die.

I know that it’s not my fault that this darkness flows through my veins.
No, it’s these friends they call themselves to me who are to blame.
But it’s my fault in a way; they should not get to me,
My mind, body, and soul should be able to be free.

So today they will see a brighter side of me as I flutter away.
I will make sure these “friends” will never, ever ruin my day.
Because these friends were never my friends,
I should have known that they were all pretend.

Now they will be the ones to beat themselves to shame,
Because they are the ones to blame for the ache and the pain.

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