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May 5, 2009
By reinamendiola BRONZE, La, California
reinamendiola BRONZE, La, California
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I walk into a crowd, a crowd with eyes just Staring, analyzing and I don’t know if they like what they see
Sometimes, I try to hide myself from the world.
I fight with my self all the time
Sometimes, I tend to hear my heart yell harder than the voice I have in my head.
When I look into the mirror each day,
I look into these eyes and find many things
No one ever seems to catch a glimpse at.
Maybe it’s because these days’ people don’t look at you
For whom you are on the inside but how you look on the outside.
Sometimes, I see my self running away from all mistakes I made.
I wish I could just close my eyes and it all go away
Sometimes, I let my imagination run wild.
I dream of a fairytale life
Finding one true love, having a big family and living happily ever after.
Sometimes, people will try to change you and make who you are.
The world believes we should have a picture perfect face.
Some try to reach the point of perfection.
Until the day they fall.
But why? Would you want to be someone other than yourself?
Just because others don’t think you’re good enough doesn’t me your not.
Why would you want to be a copy of what’s already done.
Sometimes, you shouldn’t let people get to you.
Just prove yourself as you and show you already won.
I walk into a crowd ,a crowd with eyes just staring, analyzing and I don’t know if they like what they see

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