Tiger Lily and Dandelion

May 5, 2009
Tiger Lily and Dandelion

A Tiger Lily is like a wild animal;

ferocious in sight,

elegant in action
A Dandelion is like a tsunami;

amazing and intriguing,

but unwanted by everyone
A Tiger Lily is the movement of a master;

graceful, all-knowing, secure
A Dandelion is the movement of an apprentice;

skilled, yet unsure, on a leash
A Tiger Lily is the sound of a classical piece;

sweet, sleep-lulling, beautiful
A Dandelion is the sound of rock;

not fully mastered, loud, awakening
A Tiger Lily is the smell of a fresh orange;

a citrus feel that brightens your day
A Dandelion is the smell of fresh wood;

an acquired taste to most
A Tiger Lily has petals like a princess;

adored by everyone,

beautiful and proud
A Dandelion has petals like a peasant;

quietly wonderful,

but mostly unnoticed
A Tiger Lily breathes beauty and adoration

A Dandelion breathes childhood wonder
A Tiger Lily grows up to be nothing but a simple flower
A Dandelion grows up to be a wish for any lucky child that needs it

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aprilfool6784 said...
May 13, 2009 at 9:48 pm
hi everyone!!!
i hope you like my poem. sorry 'bout the spacing, my computer wasnt doing so well. please vote, im new to teenink and really want to be popular!
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