Just A Ride

May 5, 2009
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Was it just a ride? Or was it something more?
Would you send me away if I came a-knockin’ at your door?
Those days we spent, all that time.
Was it just a ride?

No longer does your laughter linger on my soul.
Am I free? Or hostage with the absence of love?
You said you were on board for the ride.
Throughout the ups and the downs, through the thick and thin.
Was it just a ride?

You see right through me, a ghost of your past.
Was it you or I, which said that this could last?
I say it’s over, you say it never was.

The ride.
Where did it start? Where did it end?
Why did it end?
Only one thing’s for sure;
It’s over.

The ride.
Was it something more?
Or was it really just a ride?

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