As I Lay And Wait

May 5, 2009
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As I lay and wait-
The sun rises-
Two birds begin their encore.

I slip out of bed-
Avoiding to awake-

I open the one window in my room-
Inhaling the clean fragrance-
of the air.

I dash out the door-
Of the musty log cabin-
Running towards the water.

As I run my hair glides in-
The wind.
My toes squish in the cold, moist-

I raise my head in the direction-
of that dainty sound.

It is only a seagull-
Descending from it’s-

I savor that moment of-
Away from the noisy

I suddenly leap off-
The old wooden-

I taste the distinctive flavor-
of lake water.

I stroke back to shore-
And collect some shells-
For what seems an interminable moment.

I sprint back to that old-
Log cabin-
Expecting they will awaken soon.

I glance out of the car window-
Touching the cold glass
As my eyes follow the perimeter of Lake Michigan-
And drift back to sleep.

I dream of these memories-
I made during my vacation-
Especially those I thrust in my heart-
of my last few moments in Ludington.

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