May 5, 2009
Days that slip by like cool water through my hands
Nights that linger like your familiar scent
wet tears stain my white pillow
Ghostly touches make me remember
Who I was
Who I am
What we lost
My heart can’t go a day without breaking
My eyes can’t shut without seeing
You haunt me everywhere I go
Your cold eyes hold nothing anymore
Your voice so distant
Makes me want to scream
Why are we doing this
Why aren’t you with me
I lay here in sorrow
Looking around remembering
Laughing, staring, touching, breathing
All memories of us
All memories that you must have forgot
Love, passion, life is what you showed me through your caring eyes
Now you have locked me out

What once was so easy to read now eludes me
Do you still love me
Do you still remember us
What am I to you
Am I even a bittersweet memory that sneaks into your mind
Or am I just the grey ashes of your past

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msdramab said...
May 22, 2009 at 10:07 pm
this is really touching and real i really liked it
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