Looking In The Mirrior

May 5, 2009
By KittyPanda DIAMOND, Cumberland, Rhode Island
KittyPanda DIAMOND, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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When you look into her eyes,
You’ll see a river of sadness.
As the river streams down,
It’ll bring much sorrow.
You don’t know how much it hurts,
To see that girl in the mirror,
The look of desire, the look of pain.
As the stream of salty tasting water runs down her face,
You’ll see her look up,
In hopes that he’ll be there.
Only one person can change how she feels,
How he isn’t there,
She’ll look in the mirror once more,
In hopes that something has changed.
And as much as she wants to believe it’s not true,
In the end, the only person who can save her,
Is you.

She weeps and she cries,
For some ending to come,
A sign, a hand, her last drop of hope.
As days pass on, she looses her faith,
And in the end, as she looks in the mirror,
She see’s only a disgrace…

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