May 5, 2009
By Arieyn Silvia BRONZE, Westborough, Massachusetts
Arieyn Silvia BRONZE, Westborough, Massachusetts
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The glass breaks.
It shatters into a billion diamond shards
over the frozen lake.
White-clad world,
Beckoning me with lace-draped arms
I answer with my soul.
Harmony twangs,
timidly I glide unto the glassy ice
the blades of my skates: singing.
I open
like a rose unfurling its petals.
There is no one
to tease me,
to taunt me,
to praise me,
the ice is silent.
I am
I am

Hours later,
my nose is nipped red
I unlace my skates
Rub my aching feet.
Reluctantly I leave the soft embrace
of the forest.
The walls build up immeadiatly.
Encased by a plexiglass coffin,
I weep
and use the tears to wash
the grimy, scratched-up
A miracle! Some plastic melts away,
leaving a hole
the size of my palm.
I'm afraid.
What will come through?
A shaft of honeyed sunlight?
Words that stab like knives?
A dark whisper
What if nothing comes?
What if you're not good enough?
Do you have the courage
to shatter the glass?

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