May 5, 2009
By Nicole Dority SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
Nicole Dority SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
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You always say you love me but i don't understand,
Why you can't act right and be a man.
You hold me in your arms and say it's alright,
But with you it's like a hard unexplainable night.
In your mind no one comes before you only after,
For words of wisdom I'm going to preach it like a pastor.
My love doesn't grow in your pocket,
My heart is like an unobtainable locket.
You cant always have it your way,
As the sun goes down the sky turns gray,
that's how i would describe your day.
You remind me of a king the ruler of me,
But I'm the rebel going against thee.
The day we met to now you would wear the crown.
But I'm going be the one to knock it down.
Ya may have had me in check in the past,
but you were like a rose never lasts.
Well I'm going to be the one to make history now,
I'm the girl who let you go without a frown.

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