Killing Time

May 5, 2009
By Daniel Rodriguez BRONZE, Saint Cloud, Wisconsin
Daniel Rodriguez BRONZE, Saint Cloud, Wisconsin
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The pain you cause engulfs every moment
The heartache you cause me makes me wanna die
The destiny you give me makes me mind the clock
You’re slowly killing me

A ruthless killer
Everywhere I turn it is there—
Haunting me—
Waiting for me to be alone
To butcher me with its blades of blood

It stole my love right from under me
I watched in terror as it tore her apart
I cried as it ripped my heart from my soul
It made me live with the pain of being alone

Who does this to a living creature?
Who makes them suffer ‘til death?
Who keeps one alive once they’re dead?
This is the work of Time—
The Ruthless Killer

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