Do you Know What it's Like

May 5, 2009
By SemperFidelis BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
SemperFidelis BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
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Do you know what it’s like when you’re standing on the corner watching your friends get off their high school bus?
But you’re not there because you had to make money to take care of your mother and have a place to sleep
Your daddy’s done left so the bills are now waist deep
Momma can’t work because of her back injury and she has to have a place to eat and sleep
So you’ve quit school to get a job and at the age of 17 planning to get your GED
When one day you and your homeboy are walking through an alley
Then all of the sudden pops into the alley is a white bubble Chevy
The masked men pull out guns and let the shots ring
The ambulance swerve in and out of traffic with their sireens
Your mother screams when she hears the news but still she rushes to get in the cruiser
Her back aches but she doesn’t care she just can’t wait to get there to feel your hair and to tell you she’s there
The doctor tells her that you have a 25 /75 chance of living but she knows you have the fight within you
You’re deep in a coma but you can still hear every word she tells you
Her back still aches but she’s still by your side because she knows that this may be the last night she’s by your side
You try so hard to stay alive but you know it’s not in your power to stay alive
But then it happens you die
And your mothers left to mourn and cry
But the question is do you know what it’s like
No because you haven’t died
Make your choices right and cherish your life that way you won’t have to know what it’s like until it’s your time

The author's comments:
I hope to inspire people who read this poem to cherish the life they have, because you never know what it's like for someone else!

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