Drive Me Home

May 5, 2009
By Daephon BRONZE, Casper, Wyoming
Daephon BRONZE, Casper, Wyoming
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I went here expecting something different,
But obviously I thought I was better than I am.
If sunshine skies and beautiful words can't make you love me,
I suppose I'd have been better off at home.

That genie always said I couldn't wish for love,
But really, that's all I ever could have wished for,
And the only thing you could have done without.
So I wasted those three wishes, and now I'm here,
Waiting for you to drive me home.

I could have taken my car, should have, given the circumstance.
But I hate spending money, and driving one car was much more practical.
Besides, I thought, isn't it the right time to start taking a chance?
I never was any good at timing.

So if you would, I want you to drive me home.
I know you're not done here, you found something I surely didn't,
But I don't want to be here, I'd rather roam,
From far, to near, from there, to home.

Because yes, I bet my life one one good hand,
And found out that I can't play poker at all.
So I stand here waiting, wishing I had my keys.
But no, I don't, because you drove me here, and you're my ride home.

So I've given up on faith, and dropped my heart down the drain.
It's time I focused on something real- I can't live in fantasy any longer.
For the last time, I was caught by your frozen storm,
And for the last time, I came out wishing I was stronger

So I wish I had the strength, to be a man and ask
"Hey, could you drive me home?"
But of course I won't, It's far to simple, and the pain feels far too good.
So I'll wait right here, if you don't mind, locking myself away,
And waiting for my ride home.

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