How Amazing You Are

May 5, 2009
By Eric Fields BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Eric Fields BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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How Amazing You Are

It's amazing how close I feel to you, and yet you're so far away.
You're miles and miles and miles from me, still you touch me everyday.
Using "Perfect" to describe you, I accept all your insecurities.
I can't even see how you can call'em that, you jus seem soo pure to me.
Your hair your eyes your chin your nose, your stare your thighs your skin your toes.
It's hard to tell you this stuff; I could just count the ways.
Except i might be counting forever, because you continue to amaze.
You get mad at me from time to time but, it’s like it doesn't matter.
Cause you're back to being my baby again, only a couple seconds after.
At first I was unsure of our future, but now I have no doubt.
I feel like you make me better, you show me what love is about.
Sky is the limit with me and you, I’m so glad that you're my star.
If I had my pick I wouldn't want anyone else, because of how amazing you are.

The author's comments:
You know how love goes lol. But this love, sadly was short-lived.

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