Pitiable Malady Called Society

May 5, 2009
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Caged on the inside,
Like lions trapped by the beast,
We are atrocious megalomaniacs
In a misery stricken society.

History is nothing but one big repeat
Of simple moronic chain reactions.
But it’s apparent not a single conformed
Lemming in this dismal place can see
This problem.

Take the next step in line,
One behind the other.
Single file now,
Move a little faster
But wait your turn
To fall in the morbid,
Pitiable pit of uselessness.
Don’t be shy now,
Join the rest.

Seems quite malignant,
However that could never be possible.
People are altruistic after all….

For your own sake
Open the feeble eyes
And see the disintegrating view
Of faces, homes, hearts before you.
It’s all dissolution now.

And once conformity finds its way into you,
The malady of society,
You too will follow
One behind the other,
Single file and waiting your turn,
To fall into uselessness.

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