Mrs. Rigby

May 4, 2009
By Andrew Evans BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Andrew Evans BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Mrs. Rigby
I am a sad lonely woman
Widow, you bet
My whole life is simply
Taking care of church for a
Priest I really like, good Irish man

I used to be happy, and I used to have loved ones
Used to have friends
I truly don’t know what happened, O how I miss it
I watch happy people through my window, when it rains I cry

My priest gave me a gift, thank you I said
It is a round onion-shaped clear object
A glass onion, hahahahahahahaha
It has sat on my dresser for a few months, last night
It broke.

BAM, it happened
All around me was color, spinning spinning
My head hurt, where was I?
I awoke in a grassy pasture filled with strawberry plants,
beatles scattered the ground under me
What happened? I said it out loud
A man answered, standing above me
He said come with me,
He said his name was… St. Jude
What else could I do, I followed like a little soldier

We went to a suburban neighborhood, the street was Penny Lane
I think
He took me to the home of a man, rich guy
A doctor, named Robert
I was told Robert’s story, he saves people everyday
What a great life
His son hates him, his daughter is a w****
His wife barely remembers his name
All alone, poor Robert

St. Jude and me, we left
We met a girl next, named
She cried in her bed, the bed of a normal teen, but
There was nothing normal about this
She had a black eye, I cried
I held her, as she sobbed and told me about him, how
Strong he was,
We left.

Where are we going next?
That is what I asked the saint
To Jojo… Ok
He lived under the bridge behind Prudence’s house
He had sinned, oh yes he did.
His family abandoned him, he lives alone, yet
He wanted it all back, soooo
I didn’t cry but my heart went black for him, we
kept moving

Goodbye, said St. Jude
I blinked and
I was in the sky,
There was a girl named Lucy
Time to go home, she said
I flew in the sky looked over the whole world, thought of all the lonely people
Like me
Do we have to be lonely?
Lucy told me that she loved St. Jude, I guess those two are lonely too.

I made it home, I lay in bed
We are all lonely…
So are we?

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This article has 1 comment.

Joanna said...
on May. 11 2009 at 10:24 pm
Joanna, St. Catharines, Other
0 articles 0 photos 165 comments
Oh my goodness. That was BRILLIANT!

I love how you worked all the Beatles songs into the versus of the poem. I was drawn into the poem so much, all the different characters and the ending... well it had a great amount of impact. I love this Andrew.

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