Into the Ocean

May 4, 2009
By brittknee BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
brittknee BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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We walk past broken glass,
Or is it a broken heart?
Only time will tell.
My mistakes aren't those of a snake,
But those of a bird helplessly falling with a broken wing.

Stay with me, atleast until I'm healed.
Hold me in the air, tell me you love me,
Give me a little push I'll fly away.
But never forget to come back looking for me another day.

You may bend and break me,
But you'll never be able to replace me.

When the sun slides down into the water,
Hold my hand,
we'll walk deep into the ocean,
Until water fills our lungs.
The pain so harsh and numbing.
Leave me behind,Save yourself.
Maybe you'll be happy again.

Swim as fast as you can,
don't let the beast of the sea change your mind,
With their crude comments.
It's your mind, not theirs.
They'll beat you and hide behind their faces of clay.

You're too unexperienced with life to see what's in your face.
You have a gift, but you're tossing it out into a field of weeds.
Those who appear intriguing, are those hiding behind a layer of shell.
The few people who have broken that shell see the real spirit inside.
But she still has the curse over you,
Making it impossible to see what's real.

You have to be strong,
Escape the curse of this being.
Realize the feelings you have for that person you left at the bottom of the ocean.

Don't wait to long.
It could be too late by the time you realize.
Don't leave me hanging on the ocean floor.
I can't love again with what is left, all of the fish are gone.
And the sea is closing in as the sun evaporates the water.
Sucking me in the air with the water.
Once I reach the air I could be gone forever.

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