just let it be

May 4, 2009
By alysiayocum BRONZE, Crab Orchard, Kentucky
alysiayocum BRONZE, Crab Orchard, Kentucky
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tell me what i am to you because my heart destory what we were

we were never perfect but we didnt let it stop us

so let go of her and go to me

we can be something more then what you see

i could move on dont you no

but i cant i will always be there

dont let your heart go away because it will always be with me

i will never be 2nd best because im the one you will always love

thats what you said

but is that really too be

so look into my eyes and dont let me go, your the one the one i will always love and i dont want to be alone.

so let me go or take me back

thats the choice you have to make

so dont forget about what we used to be

hold me tight tonite

love me and we will be right

i no your thinking of me and im thinking of you

so just let it be

The author's comments:
this is about a guy i felled in love with [=

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