I believe in reincarnation.

May 4, 2009
My friend told me that
I haven’t lived very many lives.
I doubt that.

One ½.
To be precise
I think I have lived a total of five lives.

One ¾.
My first life,
Was in the arms of Zeus.
One of his several girlfriends
That he hid from his wife.

My second life,
A single leaf on an ash tree
Collecting information about the skies

Two ½.
When I fell
I floated my way to the river
And embraced the rivers cold hands
Letting my aura fade to gray.

The sister of a queen
Quite and always in the shadows
Always compared to by Mother.

Three ½.
My sister, she was strong and brave,
I was the scrawny beta that would attend her meetings
For her.

This one I’ll never forget.
The eyes of an unborn
Never opened
Two breaths taken
And they listened to my heartbeat die away.

Confused and still quiet.
Still in someone’s wing. An older brother.
This is my last life
But more to come.

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