What This Tide Was About

May 4, 2009
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A long time ago
As we stood on the shore
We laughed ‘till we cried
And loved as we swore
No matter the tide
To always be there
No matter the tare

The tide brought a storm
And you floated away
I wished on a star
You’d come back and I’d say
This all isn’t worth it
Not worth losing you
You didn’t. You quit.
And we let this storm brew

Why I was mad
You never asked me
I was really just sad
You replaced me so easily

The bond that we had
Ten years weathered and worn
Now it’s out like a fad
Our friendship has torn

I wasn’t pushing you out
Or maybe I was
What this tide was about
Only scared me because
I missed you. I did.
You met him and away you slid

Now my best friend is dead
And she left without me
These tears that I shed
Wash into the sea

I think it’s not fair
As I feel my heart sink
Those memories we shared
Drift away when I drink

All these feelings welled up
Like a flood in my heart
So I wrote them all down
But it still fell apart

So I guess it’s now time
That I just let you go
I’ll stop with this rhyme
I won’t forget though.

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