May 4, 2009
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Everyday it’s a different reason,
Maybe it’s just the new season.
Something must be wrong here,
I can’t belong here.
Why did this happen?
So here I sit then,
Wishing for someone to dry my eyes.
Can anyone hear my cries?
Sometimes things spin out of control,
Like drugs, sex, and rock ‘n roll.
But sometimes things go without explanation,
And that leaves me wanting salvation.
What did I ever do to you?
You made promises you didn’t carry through.
And here I am,
A little lost lamb.
The worst feeling,
Among things that are less unappealing,
Is being left out.
It’s the group you were with but now without,
That passes you by.
There are moments when you want to die.
This sounds ridiculous I know,
But I can’t let it go.

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