With My Heart In Pain

May 4, 2009
By :)_Shorty_:P BRONZE, Manawa, Wisconsin
:)_Shorty_:P BRONZE, Manawa, Wisconsin
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This pain won't go away.
This pain of you.
And what you've done to me.
You've left a wound in my heart.
Which i've placed a bandage upon.
But a bandage isn't going to heal this wound.
You've cut into my heart so deep.
And I cry at night because i'm not sure if you'll come back and finish what you tried to start.
Can't you find another heart to cut?
Why do you have to pick mine?
What have I done to deserve this?
You told me that you would die without me.
And without my love.
If that's true, then prove it.
Because love is just a word until it's proven to you.
I know that you can't prove it, because you don't love me.
And you will never get another chance to again.
Maybe when you get out of jail you'll see.
But i'm not gonna be there for you.
'Cause you've put me through so much pain.
You've cut into my heart and killed my soul.
Just by what you did.
You've cut so deep into my heart.
And i'm bleeding.
Bleeding because of everything.
Now my soul is dead.
And my body is still alive.
And it kills me inside.
To know that you could come back.
And finish what you started.
This pain will never go away.
But crying myself to sleep will eventually fade.
The dreams of you and what you did to me.
Will remain in my wounded heart.
But the memory of you won't be vague.
It will remain the same.
With my heart in pain.

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