The hatred of my Subdivisions

May 3, 2009
By Tigger Geeters GOLD, Montevallo, Alabama
Tigger Geeters GOLD, Montevallo, Alabama
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Elegant gases fill the air
Were you can’t see stars
You can reach out your window
In to your neighbors kitchen go get sugar
You can smell the young teens drugs
Sitting in your room, you hear the toilet flush next door
At seven o’clock kids awaken you
Eat and waiting for the bus outside your door
You can even here the bones of the elderly walking
You see your neighbors mowing the grass in spandex
Then the children’s screams
That sounds as if they’re being taken against their will
You watch the grass grow, and the birds, that want disperses
And all theses people don’t care they live this way
Where I cant spit in my yard cause I’ll get fined
This is a subdivision to me

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