The Daring Dragon

May 3, 2009
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From the scaled beast, Serpensus, explodes an orb of fire,
That vanishes into the gently rolling hills covered in mire,
The vert dragon bellows a thunderous, earsplitting wail,
Then from behind the towering creature out whips a tail;
These actions can only signify a predicament ever so dire.

As the unyielding Serpensus defends the castle of Morgause,
O’er the hill comes a chivalrous knight quiet as a mouse,
So, the intrepid creature contemplates strategies for attack,
His goal is to char the valiant young knight till’ he is black,
For I can see the knight believes the dragon’s master a louse.

Then hastily, “Intruder! Intruder! ” shriek I, the village crier,
But, thwack! A metallic sword is sliced at Serpensus by the sire,
In response, the dragon engulfs the lad in a ruby ball of flame,
And now, in a heap of dark ash, lies the lifeless young squire.

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