School Pains

May 3, 2009
By Shannon Enstad BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Shannon Enstad BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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School Is like an asylum
It makes me feel insane
The clock on the wall
Causes me more and more pain

I stare at the whiteboard
The letters change and move
I hear voices in my head
Telling me “I hate school”

These voices are my own
But the thoughts and phrases aren’t
I just want to get out of class
So that my day can start

It’s so hard to concentrate
I’m practically jumping in my chair
Every time my name is called
I feel like it’s not fair

I search my mind for the answer
But the right one I can’t find
It seems like the sedative called “detention”
Has wiped it from my mind

At last it’s finally over
And I skip about with cheer
But knowing in my heart
I’ll go back another year

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