Can You Hear Her

May 3, 2009
Do you see her over there
Just a girl sitting
With nothing but a faded glare
Looking up at the stars that night
Not being able to see herself as the light

Just a girl with pretty eyes
Which are filled
with all the pain and lies

Just a girl on that bench
i guess its a quiet and peaceful place for her to rest
to rest her head from all the thoughts
the thoughts that burned up in her mind's lauft

Just a girl lost in this thing called life
trying to fight the tears
with all her might

Just a girl whose laugh is a cry for help
whose smile makes many melt
whose pain sparkles through her golden hair
whose attitude is still very fair

Just a girl writing another poem
another line
another reason for why

Just a girl wondering why all the writing
of pretty words
with paper and pen
when all she wants
is to be strong again

Just a girl sitting over there
who is getting up with visioned glare

Just a girl who went out that night
into the her own stary light

Just a girl who got off that bench
and laughed until she had to rest

Just a girl happy in this thing called life
no more tears
no more fights

You see him over there
just a boy sitting with a faded glare

Just a boy all alone in night
not being able to see that light

sitting there all alone
wishing she would come
come back and take him home

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