Ode To Horror Movies

May 3, 2009
By Anonymous

As I enter the dark theater, filled with texting teenagers,
I feel a spine chilling sensation of darkness.

I look up to the screen and see blood and terror,
My heart beats faster like a roller coaster
Making it’s way to the peak.

I think to myself
If there are such dull brained people in this world
with disbelief I think not of.

As I see more and more vibrant blood, the fear I feel is rising.
Quicker by the second
It gradually sinks deeper and deeper into my tensed spine,
Without determination to engulf, me and those around me.
I try to resist, but no success.
I can’t help it

I realize that this memory will stay with me,
Even if I try to get rid of it.
Like a badly cut bruise left from an accident

It will not leave,
And forever stay with me
Deep in my mind, thoughts and dreams.

As I try to think happy thoughts,
Those dreading haunting come back,
As I remember the bruise left from my accident
With a bloodthirsty scream.

They always come back to torment me
I feel dreaded like the sorrow
Of a lost one.

I wish I didn’t watch it, when I lie down at night,
Those scary deep thoughts still crammed into my brain,
It won’t go away , even though I try to get rid of it
With irritation I think happy thoughts
As I try more and more, they keep coming back
They won’t give up
Neither will I.
Those scary deep thoughts still wandering
Away in my brain
Forever more.
Now I realize the bad consequences
That comes with watching horror movies.
They simply won’t go away.

The author's comments:
Ever since i was a little girl, i've felt very stressed out about scary movies. I decided to write this because as I was at the movie theater with a bunch of friends, watching a horror movie, I couldn't get those thoughts out of my head. I dedicate this to my parents and to my teachers for helping me move along through the year. Thanks!
I hope that the readers at home will this and somehow relate to me.

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