I hate you, I love you

May 2, 2009
“I hate you!”
I hate you; I love you.
“You always do this to me!”
The world ended when she left me.
My clear blue sky turned gray.
I hate you; I love you.
“I trusted you, with my heart and soul!”
Yeah, but she just left my heart full of holes
And memories that once were so gay.
I hate you; I love you.
“Please don’t go!”
I beg as sink to my knees, but back then the feeling was so-so
I wish I had tried harder to stop her; that is what I now pray
I hate you; I love you.
In only eight seconds my world cruelly changed
And became dreary and deranged
Which is why I wish someone would just take me and the pain away
I hate you; I love you.
“I hate you; I love you” are two powerful sayings
They both left me with nothing but for my sins I am paying.
“I will love you always.”
I hate you; I love you.
These are the words I said to her as she died
A driver hit her because he was drinking and driving that night
The last words from her mouth will always play in my head. They say,

“I’ll love you forever but hate you when I die.”

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