The Princess and the Soldier

May 2, 2009
By Anonymous

The sun glints off the sword
As the soldier raises it high
He wants his monthly reward
And since he is so nervous, he lets out a long, dragging sigh

The princess looks out her tower window at the fields
Full of growing rye
Then to the right where all the solders flaunt their shields
When one catchers her eye

She runs down the stone stairs
Two at a time
Sending God desperate prayers
That the soldier “will be mine”

The soldier turns to see the princess
Running toward him clad in a sapphire blue
Matching the wondrous eyes she does so possess
But why she is running to him, he hasn’t a clue

She reaches him, breathless
Looks at him directly
And with all possible affectionateness
Grabs his hand deftly

And immediately proclaims her first sight love
And hopes for him it’s the same
And she continues praying to God above
Hoping that the soldier will be hers to claim

The soldier picks her up in his arms
With her face a look of bliss
Briefly thinks of all her charms
And gives her a big kiss

The true love bond was meant to stay
For they married he very next day
And the princess and the soldier
Lived happily until they grew older and older

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