Beach Trip

May 2, 2009
By Brittanyxo87 BRONZE, South Hadley, Massachusetts
Brittanyxo87 BRONZE, South Hadley, Massachusetts
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It’s a hot summer morning,
I awake with a smile,
I’m going somewhere I
haven’t been in a while.

I get my bathing suit, towel,
And my flip flops too.
I try to think of
All the things that we will do.

Everything’s together now,
Time to get to the car.
We pack it all in,
Get ready to go far.

Rubbing my eyes,
Its still early you see.
We stop for some breakfast,
At a local Mickey D’s.

I munch on my hash browns,
As my dad continues to drive.
I count down the minutes,
Until we arrive.

I start to smell the salty sea,
Hear the seagulls screech overhead,
I see the sandy shore now,
“Were here!” my mother said.

I jump out of the car,
Grab my things and run.
Were at my favorite place,
This is going to be fun.

The day passes,
Sun starts to go down,
I sigh because I know,
Its time to return to my hometown.

Its dark outside now,
The stars brightening the sky,
I’m falling asleep in the car,
I silently tell the beach “goodbye.”

The author's comments:
this is from when i was younger going to the beach

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