The Real Kind of Glamorous

May 2, 2009
By Mandy12337 SILVER, Winnipeg, Other
Mandy12337 SILVER, Winnipeg, Other
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Wearing a pink spaghetti strap top
and a short mini skirt.
Bracelets and diamonds
hang from her wrists.
Every strand of hair
always in place.
Walking around
in her high heeled shoes.
Make up and glitter
caked on her eyes and lips,
as she struts her stuff.

She sees a reflection
as she combs her long, beautiful hair,
being so glamorous.
She looks at herself
and thinks . . .
She’s tired of being perfect
like a Barbie doll.
It is not the true her,
it is what she tries to be.

She walks to the bathroom.
Washes all the make up off,
messes up her hair
and changes her clothes.
She looks in the mirror again and says,
“This is,
the real kind of glamorous.”

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because I’m in middle school and it seems like all girls do these days are worry about how they look. They try to be pretty and popular, and they try to be noticed. But what they don't understand is that none of that matters. It matters who you are. So to all the girls out there that will read this poem, focus on whom you are, not on how you look.

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