Daddy's gone

May 2, 2009
By dixy flores BRONZE, Chicagp, Illinois
dixy flores BRONZE, Chicagp, Illinois
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I remember the days back when
I use to be daddy’s friend
He would pinch my cheeks and ask about my day
And try to fix things when they went the wrong way
I was his favorite, he gave me everything I needed
of course, I was the best one he treated
But many years have past and my daddy has changed
It seems like all his feelings he’s rearranged
His love fell down and anger raised
I never thought daddy’s little girl could be replaced
He moved to another place now, I don’t know where
All I know, is that daddy’s not there
He hates talking to me, so I don’t even try
It seems like he enjoys hurting me, and I don’t know why
When I needed him the most, he closed his door
He’s my same blood, so I expected more
But like he told me, I have to forget I have a father
And forget I was ever his daughter
His own family he does not want to see
I never thought my dad would become my worst enemy
It all fell apart, it all went wrong
No more daddy’s little girl now…..cause daddy’s gone

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