May 2, 2009
By genevaS. GOLD, Oak Park, Illinois
genevaS. GOLD, Oak Park, Illinois
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Drown in your self-pity
because i'm in charge
You used to looked down
on me with those greedy eyes
and abuse me to no end
but soon you die with lies
I am free as a blue swallow andhappy as a bee
cause you see
Karma is with me
all those days of pain
all those days of tears
cause when i hear those delicious mouth watering words
from the judge
my heart will fly
i'll be longer straving
I will be fatter than pig
when the vertict came to a desicion
they say

I am so at lost that i lost my train of thought

why they say that
Do they know the real you
when i looked
i see your demonic self-satified grin
you walked over to me and say

I Love You
those words are like ice cold needles
piercing every nerve in my body
making me paralyzed
my life flashes before my eyes
I wake up in ahospital
I found out i been shot four times
they say i'm completely paralyzed
my baby died with me that day
they arrested you
got us both
justice prevails
did justice prevail?
did karma work in its wrathful demonic charm
Cause in the end
who really got justice

in the end
who really gotten by karma's sweet poison
then torn into pieces on the inside
who really....
died with karma

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