A Life's Journey

May 5, 2009
By Eric Fields BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Eric Fields BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Darkness surrounding a body of greatness, in purest form
A Thus far existence of protection, from all worldly scorn
A feeling of security, so solitary and compact
But in a days time with a delivery crew, its gone just like that
These next periods of time go so fast, almost to elude
You’re crawling, walking, talking, and boom, now you’re off to school
Its all crayons and finger painting, until expectations unveil
Now you must meet the demands of others, and your true self you conceal
Elementary is preparatory, key for succeeding on the next level
It helps with finding a place for you, and where you best settle
You do years of elementary, until you’ve mastered what should be learned
Then come those golden high school years, so important, so concerned
Important because it is here you learn, how cruel the world can be
How truly unfair life is, and how nothing comes for free
Your teachers play the role of future bosses, how they can be so demanding
Life is hectic and full of deadlines; high school gives you this understanding
Before you know it those years have flown by, and you’re in your cap and gown
Reminiscing over the good and bad times, and how you’re passed it now
You figure you’re done with your schooling, and you’re pondering your next move
The economy is in distress, its smart to go rite back to school
So off to college you go, and you’re truly on your own
No accommodating teachers, to show you right from wrong
Just an unlimited source of untouched knowledge, on an abundant acred campus
If you wanted to paint the perfect picture of life, college would be your canvas
So you choose a path and study hard, then comes your reward
A career with no uncertainties, a life of your own accord
But just because you’ve planned it well, well it doesn’t have to go
That boat could capsize at any moment, hail disguised as snow
When this happens I do not peeve, I don’t let life concern me
I just look to my personal archives, and recite a life’s journey.

The author's comments:
Mostly from Personal experiences and a general summary of how life is, and why things happen.

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